Are you looking to really get in shape?

Do you need motivation and accountability? Nina Lomax can provide both through personal coaching and training that accommodate your fitness level.

  • Learn the basics of sets and repetitionsNina Full.
  • Learn what weights to use for which body parts.
  • Learn through a routine how weights affect particular muscles.
  • Learn to vary and intensify your workouts as you progress.
  • Know what to do each time you work out.
  • Complete a full routine at each session.

Nina keeps me motivated, challenges my ability, and makes the workouts fun.  -D.A.


Since starting the exercises Nina suggested, I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to climb stairs and a reduction of pain in my knees.  -A. A.


I was looking for structure and discipline that I was in desperate need of at this point in my life. Nina showed me the patience and encouragement that I needed.  -D. H.