• Testimonials

    "I was inspired by Nina’s can-do attitude. Our workouts have given me more energy and strength and has allowed me to go off blood pressure medicine. Now when I look in the mirror, I like the person looking back at me!" –Michelle E.​

    "What a difference two years have made. At age 74, I weighed 190+ convinced I was doomed to look terrible and have aching knees. Now at age 76, I now weigh 150 and have a shape that lights up my husband’s eyes!! Thanks for your exercise regime, nutritional instructions, and encouragement!" –Mona S.​​

    "Since starting the exercises Nina suggested, I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to climb stairs and a reduction of pain in my knees. This has encouraged me to continue the commitment of time and effort I must put forth to improve my health and physical well-being." –Ann A.

    "Nina keeps me motivated, challenges my ability, and makes the workouts fun. I actually look forward to each visit! Nina went above and beyond the call of duty. She came to my house and helped me throw away the unhealthy food and then took me shopping for food that is nutritious, delicious, and quick and easy to prepare. Nina as my personal trainer is one of the best investments I’ve ever made!" Dianne A.

    "Thanks toNina’s thoughtful guidance, I feel that exercising under her care has given me renewed energy, great muscle tone, and has helped me lose over 35 pounds. If you have the time, she has the know-how!" –Elio B.

    "By adding a third workout a week, my blood pressure has gone down. No medication. I fired the doctor who wanted me to take something."   –Madonna​

    "Because of coming to Nina and developing the discipline to not eat fast food, I saved enough money to buy some gifts this year!"   –Tommy

    "Nina has done a terrific job of helping me learn to help myself. Nina taught me proper technique for lifting weights. I had never attempted weight training and came to her 3 years ago. She gave me the confidence I need to carry on independently as I now am. I’m appreciative of Nina’s supportive and encouraging manner. Thank you, Nina!"   –Susan

    "I found myself slumping in church. Sat up straight. Nina is everywhere. She gets in your conscience!"   –Anita

    "I have so much respect for you and how successful you’ve been doing what you love. It’s very inspiring."   –Sarah

    "My daughter was impressed with my ability to climb stairs with less effort at the theater in just 3 months."   –Regina W.

    "I’ve been to physical therapy for my neck, shoulders, and knees. My doctor should have told me to come and see Nina. In a little more than a month, my issues are quickly going away!" –Faye

    "I was singing your praises as I was shoveling that foot high snow! Squatting, twisting… I was impressed with my progress!"   –Regina

    "I amazed myself today at the garden center, there was no man to help me, so I lifted 6 bags of river rocks…maybe 300lbs total! Thank you for making me strong!" –Sally

    "In just two months, I feel more confident, steady, and walking without my cane!"   –Sheila

    "I think of you when I do things well regarding nutrition and fitness!"   –Suzanne

    "My back has not hurt in a year since I’ve been working out at Body Conscience!"  –Cindy

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    What Clients Are Saying


    "I feel stronger, better, more energetic."

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    What Clients Are Saying


    "...I can fit into my clothes again!"